St. Patrick Burger, the best burger in Sant Pere Pescador

Why do we love the burgers so much?

At Camping Nautic Almata we boast a lot about our St. Patrick Burger. Mainly because we make it at home, with veal and some vegetables (the chef refuses to give us the complete recipe). What we can do tell you that it has cheese, egg, bacon, lettuce, tomato and onion, with fresh bread and homemade chips. Should we add pickles to it? You put the sauces to taste.

Perhaps it would be too daring to say that it is the best burger in Sant Pere Pescador and surroundings. Okay, it can be. What is certain is that the experience is the best. On the banks of the river, with the breeze that blows under the shade of the huge awning on the terrace and the pool just a few meters away, a well-drawn cold beer and a freshly cooked St. Patrick are unrivaled.

Taste it at Restaurante Almata!

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